LGBTQ Archives Exhibit at UH Manoa

The exhibition “Creating &Curating Change — AIDS & Same-Gender Marriage Archives” continues at UH-Hamilton Library through May 15, 2019.

AIDS & Same Gender Marriage often dominated politics and public discourse in Hawai’i, the nation and the world for the past 38 years, and Hawai’i was on the forefront of both issues. The two were deeply connected; the struggle against AIDS helping to energize the call for marriage rights. Both were full of emotion, hope, politics, research, religion, tragedy and freedom.

The donors have contributed materials to the UH Hamilton Archives to serve as core resources that start to document the Hawai’i experience of AIDS & Same-Gender Marriage. They hope that students, scholars and the larger community will study the materials to learn what happened here and draw lessons from Hawai’i’s experience.

Dr. David McEwan and Professor Tom Ramsey have established a permanent fund at the UH Foundation to support the “AIDS & Same-Gender Marriage Archives”. Their goals include creating a full catalog with extensive cross-references; and eventually complete digitalization, connectivity to similar archives, and open access internationally.

Park FREE in the neighborhood OR pay the evening parking fee at the UH Manoa parking garage. PUPU’s will be provided. This event is supported by the UH Foundation.

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