Trevor Project Seeks LGBTQ Crisis Workers

A message from Brandon Lingle, People Operations Associate | Recruitment at The Trevor Project. For more information contact Winston Welch at the Hawaii Rainbow Chamber of Commerce.

“The Trevor Project is the world’s largest crisis intervention and suicide prevention resource for LGBTQ youth. Over the past few months our organization has experienced tremendous growth. In our current state, we offer two unique services for LGBTQ youth who are experiencing crisis or need to a safe place to process difficult feelings or emotions.

One would be our 27/7 Lifeline that follows the traditional hotline model. The second is our Chat and Text services. This service allows youth to connect with our trained counselors through their computer or cell phone. And, it’s no surprise that we are seeing an increase in youth leveraging that service specifically. I should also mention that both services are free of charge.

Currently, our digital services are only available from 12:00 to 7:00 PM PT. However, we know that we have a responsibility to make this service 24/7 similar to our Lifeline. 

That is why I am reaching out today. Our Digital Crisis Workers are able to work remotely from anywhere in the United States. The diverse population and the advantage of geography when it comes to timezones would make the islands a perfect place to recruit new Crisis Workers who will be there to create a safe space for our youth. 

If possible, I would to see how we might collaborate in creating some employment opportunities within your community while providing a critical service to those who need it most!”

For more information contact Winston Welch at the Hawaii Rainbow Chamber of Commerce.